Ethics from operational to strategic level

The 2015 syllabus offers objective tests for each subject, and an integrated case study at each level. The integrated case study includes pre-seen material and information given on the day, as well as during the exam.

The syllabus includes material such as sustainability and integrated reporting, and there is a focus on risk. Supply chain management, organisational culture, globalistion and public interest issues are also featured.

The  syllabus is competency based. The four finance competencies outlined in the CGMA Competency Framework are technical skills, business skills, leadership skills, and people skills.

The weight placed on each competency shifts throughout your study level, from concentrating on technical skills in operational level, to a more even focus between the four key competencies in strategic level.

The CGMA Competency Framework underlines how all skills are underpinned by ethics, integrity and professionalism.




In exams, you need to be able to show that you can identify an ethical issue and apply the Code of Ethics to resolve it. In the later levels in particular you should be able to analyse and evaluate, thus being able not only to quote the fundamental principles but explain how and why they impact on wider business decisions – and what the benefits of this are.

In the next section we highlight a mix of questions from current practice tests and a previous case study. Ethical considerations may come up in a number of subjects but your approach would be the same. As is highlighted in Part 1 and 2, you have a particular responsibility to uphold the Code in all that you do.